Sustainability in entrepreneurship

The future in balance

Our highest aim is to add value to the well-being of our employees, stakeholders and customers through our business activities. But above all, we want to be a positive addition to the lives of generations to come within our industry. 

Worldwide protection. 

The aim of our products is for consumers to be able to protect their gardens and agricultural crops against insects in a controlled manner, and to protect society from pests. Our products are used worldwide to this end.

"Denka protects crops, with a view to a healthy living environment for people all around the world."

Friendly to flora and fauna.

Thanks to new insights and modern applications, we have started phasing out the addition of ingredients that are harmful to nature. By using natural raw materials, such as bio-based or recycled packaging materials, we make our product lines more sustainable.

Efficiency and reduction.

In the modernisation of processes, reducing energy consumption, water and materials is very important. We are always working on energy and water saving processes, and remnants of raw materials are collected separately to be reused where possible. In addition, chemicals are entirely used up or recycled, and our raw materials meet all standards.