Muscalure fly attractant

Muscalure is a unique attractant for flies based on fly pheromones. Housefly females produce this sex pheromone to attract males.

By targeting sex pheromones and the associated group behaviour (aggregation pheromone), Muscalure is particularly effective in fly control applications. The attraction effect allows the flies to absorb more agent, so that the pheromone increases the effectiveness of the agent. 

Muscalure application

Muscalure is added in liquid form as an attractant to fly control products such as:

  • Flytraps
  • Fly glue strips
  • Wall sprays
  • Granular baits
  • Fly bait stations
  • Electric fly killers

These are often insecticides (powders or granules) containing slow-release active ingredients. 

Chemical composition

Muscalure is based on is Z-9 tricosene. 

Order Muscalure?

Denka supplies Muscalure to manufacturers of insecticides and pest control products. If you want to use Muscalure in your products, please contact us about available options.