Further investments in our factory make us future-proof.

Denka Productlij

It is clear that our customers are looking to pay a competitive price for our quality products. Finding efficiencies in our production is an ongoing objective at Denka and we are constantly working on process improvement and the search for the latest technologies. We are therefore pleased to have invested in a new automatic packing line which provides more flexibility, higher output and improved ergonomics.

In addition to the demand for a quality product at competitive prices, we see customers increasingly looking to distinguish themselves by improving their packaging. Clearly the objective is for a product to stand out on the shelf. Denka help to provide clients with Private label product backed by our own registrations. That means a high-quality product, proven efficacy and packed under our customers brand. In order to give more flexibility in packaging options, Denka has invested in a new capping machine for the Aerosol line. This means that from the end of 2021 we will be able to offer customers more options in terms of the type of cap on an aerosol (for example with spray straws, child-friendly closures, spray caps, etc.)

Looking for a high efficacy product in more distinctive packaging? We would be happy to help.