A busy day in our regulatory department…


Many people may think that working in a regulatory affairs department may seem uneventful, but you would be surprised to hear of the varied work that we really get up to.

Advising, consultancy & quick anticipation

As regulatory affairs, we are at the heart of most business activity: we advise our lab on testing requirements, we consult with procurement on active substances and packaging and with the marketing team, we brainstorm on the products we want to register and how these products can best be used. It is our responsibility that the products we market are safe for people and the environment. And that they also do what they promise. Only at that point do we move forward with application to the relevant authorities. And, of course, following this we must be ready to quickly anticipate government decisions where certain substances are threatened. It makes working in the team a diverse package of activities that makes no two days the same!

Experts on product improvement

The current regulations have not made it any easier. But our experts are happy to advise colleagues and customers on how to preserve or improve products in the most efficient way possible. For some products, this means first submitting a national registration to remain on the market and then a European registration. This also involves a clear understanding of assessments and tests that have to be carried out in good time to avoid having a product removed from the market.

Registrations are now also required for environmentally friendly insect traps based on food and feed ingredients. We are therefore pleased to be the first to bring a European registered flytrap and wasp trap to the market.

Your work place? 

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