Play it safe with our European approved wasp bait


Denka International is pleased to announce that we have obtained an European approval for our wasp bait. Since 2013 it is obligatory to register such a lure as a biocide but only in 2021 a new range of active substances from natural sources were approved that could be used to develop such a product. The product subsequently needed to get registered in countries where we want to market this product and meanwhile we have done this for a large number of countries.

Why is it important to comply with this obligation?

Firstly, because this is simply required by law and if you do not do this, you are committing an offence. We would like to avoid putting a product on the market that is prohibited.

Secondly, an authorization forms the proof that we have demonstrated that the product works effectively, and that other, beneficial insect species are unlikely being caught. Such as the very useful bees.

Why is this registration special?

Not everyone who is active in the biocide market has developed and registered such a product. Denka International is one of the first in this field. That makes us a bit proud. Such a process costs a lot of effort. For Denka, unlike many others, we have gone through the necessary steps.

We are happy with this registration and want to present it to you. We do this by sharing our product and registration with you. Are you interested in our product under your brand? Then please contact us.